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Chancellor Search Committee to Hold Initial Meeting

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana Chancellor Search Committee, appointed by Dr. Donald R. Bobbitt on October 9, will hold its initial meeting tomorrow (October 16) to formally begin the chancellor search process. The committee, lead by Chris Thomason, Vice President of Development and Planning for the UA System, will carefully and strategically assist in searching to find the right fit for the chancellor position. The initial meeting's primary goal is to finalize the "position profile" to be used as the chancellor position's job description.

A specific chancellor search website has also been launched to aid in the search for a new chancellor. The website provides highlights and points of pride about the college and the Southwest Arkansas area. The site is designed to help potential candidates get a small glimpse of the many great things UAHT has to offer. "It is a challenging time to perform a chancellor search since many potential candidates can't travel to see the college due to COVID-19. We have worked diligently to provide this website to showcase our college for potential applicants to see the many great aspects of our institution and the benefits of calling Southwest Arkansas home," said Casey Curtis, Communications Coordinator.

As part of the search process, the search committee wants to hear college constituents' opinions about the qualities, experience, and skills desired for the next chancellor. A feedback form has been added to the chancellor search website's homepage to allow the public to submit comments. The search website will also be the hub for chancellor search news and updates.

For more information about the UAHT chancellor search, visit the search website at

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