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UAHT Chancellor 'Position Profile' Finalized

The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana Chancellor Search Committee met on Friday, October 16, to formally begin the chancellor search process. The committee, along with UA System President Donald R. Bobbitt and UA System Vice President of Development and Planning Chris Thomason, finalized the "position profile" to be used as the chancellor position's job description. The position profile for the chancellor can be found on the college's chancellor search webpage at The position will be advertised nationally to draw a diverse group of qualified applicants.

Chancellor search committee chair John Hollis said, "The Chancellor Search Committee is a dedicated group who is looking forward to a robust regional and national search. The communities and constituents of southwest Arkansas are well represented by the search committee, and the committee members are extremely dedicated to filling the chancellor position at UAHT with the right person to carry out the mission of the college and serve the interests of the region. I have every confidence that the search committee will fulfill its duty in reviewing candidates based upon merit and will find the individual who is an absolute fit for the institution and the communities we serve."

For more information about the UAHT chancellor search, visit the search website at

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